House of Fortune Vegetarian


位在洛杉磯東邊的Chino,第一家中式素食餐廳--福緣素食,在今年三月正式開幕。雖然營運未滿一年,卻在當地引起熱烈迴響,受到許多食客的青睞,除了一般的素食菜餚外,麵食也是福緣素食的拿手料理,如素京都肉餅、炸醬麵和北京傳統小吃糖火燒等等。福緣素食緊鄰71號公路,位於Roswell 大道旁的商圏,想要品嚐中國傳統北方麵食的朋友,一定要來褔缘素食。

The city of Chino, located to the east of Los Angeles, opened its first Chinese Vegetarian restaurant House of Fortune this past March. Even though the restaurant has yet to reach its one-year mark, it has already been received warmly by having been favored by many diners. In addition to a board selection of vegetarian dishes, House of Fortune’s specialty is their Northern China cuisine – namely their patties and fried noodles. The restaurant is located off of Highway 71 on Roswell Avenue. If you want to savor traditional Chinese food, don’t miss House of Fortune!

House of Fortune Vegetarian 福缘素食

13788 Roswell Ave. Ste 101

Chino, CA 91710

(909) 517-2988

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