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我們有三個餐廳,彼此都有一些不同。Echo Park的店目前在擴建中,在三月底到四月初,我們在店裏會釀有機啤酒,並會有完整的菜單;另外我們也會有披蕯和椒塩捲餅,就像在Culver City的店一樣。而在Culver City的餐廳有漂亮的庭院,大約有1000平方英呎,有上百個座位,所以如果想要在庭園用膳,有很優雅的環境可以享受。另外也有一個全面的酒吧,供應雞尾酒、披薩、椒塩捲餅和基本的餐飲。位於Pasadena的Sage Cafe是一個較小的咖啡店,雖然只有一個較簡單的菜單,但是我們所有受歡迎的料理這裏全都有供應,不過只提供外賣,並沒有任何外場的服務人員。三個地點Sage的菜單都大同小異,所有的店都有冰淇淋,客人可以點用以椰子做基底的純素冰淇淋,搭配任何想要的餐飲。

This is the Buffalo Cauliflower, it is our most poplar dish. It’s organic cauliflower that’s locally grown here in Oxnard. Then, we are dipping it in a gluten-free batter that’s made out of rice flower, and then we flash-fry it in rice brand oil, and then we toss it in our signature hot wing sauce, and we make a homemade ranch, and then it comes with celery’s and carrots – traditionally the way that Buffalo wing would come if you’re eating them anywhere else.


This is our "Goatless” Greek Salad, so there’s no goat cheese in it – that’s why it will be the “Goatless” Greek Salad. And this has cucumbers, apple, pickled cabbage, massaged kale, olives, cucumbers, and avocado. And the dressing is our raw hot sauce mixed with dill cashew cheese, mixed with our Alfredo sauce, tossed together. And this is our most poplar salad. It’s also sprinkled with a little bit of quinoa.

This is our most popular breakfast and brunch entree: the Chilaquiles are organic tortilla chips tossed in our homemade salsa verde with sautéed kale, our tofu egg, guacamole, pico de gallo. Underneath, you have brown rice and black beans. It’s by far our most popular breakfast item.

This is the Brazilian Bowl. I think why people it: it’s soy-free, it’s nut-free, it’s gluten-free – it can accommodate a lot of different kinds of diet. It has brown rice or quinoa, so you can choose whatever you prefer. With black beans, mushrooms, leeks and kale, and the plantain, guacamole, pico de gallo and our homemade raw hot sauce.

So we have three restaurants: they’re all little bit different. Echo Parks is in the middle of construction right, so come late March/ early April, it will be having brewing on site – so brewing organic beer on site, along with the whole menu. And we will also be getting pizzas and pretzels like our Culver City location. Our Culver City location has a beautiful patio – almost a thousand square feet, a hundred seats outside. So that’s really beautiful if you want a outdoor environment for seating. There’s a full bar there and you can have cocktails or beer or pizza or pretzels or our standard, regular menu. And in Pasadena, we just have a small cafe. It has a shorter menu, but it has all of our favorite items. You can stop by. It’s not with a waitress or waiter; it’s just counter service, you go up, you order, and you get a number. So that’s called Sage Chef and that’s in Pasadena. Those are three locations. All of them have a similar menu. All of them have the ice cream, so you can always get a coconut-based, vegan ice cream with whatever you order.

Sage Vegan Bistro (Echo Park)

1700 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sage Vegan Bistro (Culver City)

4130 Sepulveda Blvd

Culver City, CA 90230

Sage Cafe (Pasadena)

319 S Arroyo Pkwy

Pasadena, CA 91105

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